Coastal Pacific Food Distributors
Delivering just in time, every time

Coastal Pacific seamlessly migrated 3.5 million EDI transactions to IBM Sterling B2B Integrator—cutting manual administration requirements and avoiding a four-fold increase in EDI headcount.

Results: This enabled Coastal Pacific to process >3.5 million EDI transactions on a single platform; achieve a 60% reduction in manual administration requirements; and avoid a 4x increase in EDI team headcount.


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Make a Splash in New Markets with Scalable and Highly Available EDI Services

As Niagara Bottling took on new markets and business models, demand on its trading partner integration platform was rising fast. They migrated to a modular, multi-node EDI platform based on IBM Sterling B2B Integrator and IBM MQ.

Results: This helps Niagara meet trading partner’s SLAs with apparent 100% uptime; facilitates continued business growth with seamless scalability as EDI demands rise; and helps add new EDI functionalities rapidly while supporting evolving business requirements.

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B2B Integration Success Story - Allen Lund
Western Union
Moving money effectively with highly available file transfer for billion-dollar transaction volumes

Processing files worth several million dollars every single day, even a few minutes of unplanned downtime has a significant impact on Western Union's business. With IBM Sterling B2B Integrator and IBM Sterling Global Mailbox, they ensure that critical files are always transferred on time.

Results: Instant failover ensures maximum availability for critical file transfers; reduces its recovery time from hours to minutes, 95 percent faster than previously possible; and meets demanding SLAs even in the event of a disaster.

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IBM B2B Integrator success story

Allen Lund Company

Boosting service quality and winning new customers with highly automated electronic data interchange

To maintain exceptional service quality even as its client base grows, the Allen Lund Company is automating key EDI processes—enabling it to double its EDI volumes in just one quarter. By moving to a highly automated and flexible approach to B2B integration, they eliminated many time-consuming management tasks and manual onboarding processes. They reduced manual administration requirements, doubled their EDI volumes in just three months, and can now serve a larger customer base.


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B2B Integration Success Story - Allen Lund